LED Tactical Flashlights

The term Tactical Flashlight is used by a lot of companies to tout their products but most of them are simply cool looking black standard flashlights and nothing more. At Flashlight Maniacs we sell only the highest quality tactical flashlights from Promier Products. Ours are designed to perform beyond the hype of those silly commercials on TV where they boil a flashlight in oil or freeze it in a block of ice.

Promier Tactical Flashlights are manufactured using the highest quality components including high performance LEDs, switches and outer construction. That means you can drop it, run it over and generally abuse it and know it's there, ready to light up the job at hand.

Promier tactical flashlights are built to withstand the real world rigors of daily use in the most demanding situations on job sites, military, police, fire and rescue operations or outdoor sporting activities. That's why you can use them with the utmost confidence that they will be ready to do their job when you're ready to do yours.
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