About Us

Flashlight Maniacs

Flashlight Maniacs is your online superstore dedicated exclusively to high quality portable LED lighting. The flashlights, lanterns, work lights and utility lights we sell deliver the best value and performance because it's all we do.

We offer two ways for you to get our awesome products into your hands. 

The 99 Cent Discount Club

For a mere 99 Cents each month, you can buy anything in the store in any quantity for 50% off the regular price! Buy them for yourself and your family or give them as gifts. if you're the buyer for your shop, this is the place to go! There is simply no better value in LED flashlights, lanterns, worklights and keychains.

Regular Pricing

Like it sounds, plain old regular retail pricing (why would you do that?)

We back up all of this awesomeness with friendly customer service and support too by really nice maniacs in the USA.